If you know me, you know I love anything and everything DIY!  I will be in the shops and see something I like and won’t buy it because I think…. “I could make that myself!”  This has, in the end, caused my to-do-list to be about a mile long!

One of my favorite products that I create however is……. drum roll, please…..

My hand painted pallet signs!

I love to get my brushes out and create something beautiful that I know will last a lifetime.  You can’t beat the look of a handpainted sign, I may not be able to keep up with the prices that the big companies put on their ‘wood look’ signs, but I make up for it in the quality!

Each sign I create is made all from scratch and all by me.  I join all the pallets, cut to size when needed, design and then hand paint each one.  I am always joking that I should have stayed in my woodwork class when I was in high school, would have served more purpose than Ancient History!

I am just glad that I am doing something I love while raising my family!